Fort Gains Dauphin Island, AL

DSC_0095 We took a family vacation to Dauphin Island, AL. It was a very fun and relaxing vacation. While we were there we visited Fort Gains. It was very unique and very cool to learn about what happen here. I wish the walls the could talk to we could hear the stories. Check out my Flickr page or my Facebook page for more pictures.


Hailey’s Finally Arrived!

Hailey27 My beautiful niece has finally arrived and I had the amazing pleasure of taking pictures of her. She is so sweet and cute! she didn’t want to sleep much during the shoot so it took much longer than expected! but all in all it came out great!! Can’t wait to do a session with my daughter and Hailey together! Check out my flickr and Facebook for more pictures.


I had a wonderful time taking pictures of Christopher. An 8 month old with the cutest cheeks! Check out my Facebook page or my flickr page for more pictures!

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New addition to the VanNus Family!!


On 1-31-13 I had the joy of having my beautiful baby girl Taylor!  She was one day early and was born at 5:12 am 7lbs 8oz 20 inches long! My husband and I couldn’t be happier! She is perfect and growing bigger every day!! I did a small photo shoot with her when she was 9 days old. You can check out more pictures from this shoot on my Flickr page or facebook page! I will start doing photography again very soon so that I can stay at home with my baby girl and take pictures on the side. I can’t wait to start this new chapter in our lives as a family!

Adventure in lil five points with Jen C.

Had an awesome photo adventure with a coworker of mine Jen C in lil five points not to long ago. I’ve never been there so it was cool to check out a new place that I’ve heard so  much about from friends. She wanted a shoot that was “Her” so she picked out lots of colorful cool graffiti. I want to thank her for helping get my passion for photography restarted. Visit my Flickr or Facebook to check out more pictures.


So I finally finished college at Gwinnett Tech and we had or portfolio show, which was amazing! It’s crazy to think that I am done with school, and that I graduated with an associate degree in commercial photography! WOW!! Since I’ve been done with school I’ve just been hanging out and doing stuff around my house that got neglected the past 3 months. My husband got me a job to take some pictures of these HUGE doors that they were putting in at one of his job sites. The doors came all the way from Ohio and is reclaimed lumber from a house build back in the 1800s! It was very cool watching them bring the doors in and putting them on the track.  If you check out my Flickr you can see my Favorite images from that shoot!

Business Card

Front of business card

Back of business card

Here is the front and back of my business card. My teachers wanted me to change them a little from the original that I gave them. Here is the final product. Tell me what you think! I was trying to go simple, no pictures because then I would have to change them all the time.